Rules of Server

{Server Rules}

Do not give flying dinos or creatures away to low level players. The same goes with very large, hard to get creatures. Players are expected to achieve this on their own and work their own way up.

No griefing allowed.

Do not use your ptero or argent to pick up another player unless they have asked you to do this.

Do not intentionally block other players entrances or try to restrict their bases maliciously.

Do not use cheats, hacks or third party tools.

Keep chat friendly when possible and respect other players. Refrain from negative remarks regarding race, colour, creed, religious views and sexual orientation. It's all just common sense.

When you name your character, please don't use vularities, racials slurs, sexual innuendo, insults or any other crap or we will rename you immediately.

No building on mountaintops, cave entrances, icebergs or Carno Island. This causes rare spawns to stop spawning. These areas are for all players to utilize. Carno Island is the island in the North-East part of the map where many carnivores spawn. It is used for our Alpha Madness Event and also for levelling up dinosaurs.

A workshop was built on the volcano for all players to use. This is the one exception! Consider it an oasis on your travels or visits to the volcano. Maybe it will be a good place for players to meet.

Do not continually complain to Admins about gather rates, exp rates, other multipliers and admin policies. Expressing your opinion is ok to a point, but becomes pestering at a certain point. We have set the servers the way we want them and if you do not like it, feel free to go to other servers that have settings you would prefer more. Admins are NOT required to replace missing dinosaurs, especially when they are lost during normal gameplay. Players have to deal with their losses and reattain what they have lost on their own. Continually arguing with admins will result in a player being banned, in order to maintain a pleasant game play environment. This is a game in an alpha state. Just have fun and work with it despite the established gameplay settings, framerates and other issues.

Admin is very active and will ban players for breaking the rules.

This is a great server and we want to keep the game playing atmosphere fun.

Did you know?

Press backspace if your HUD seems to be missing


{Levelling Limits }

  • LevelsFor players:

    it's 201
  • LevelsFor dinos:

    it's 502
  • 240+120+202level-ups = 502

    The highest wild dino level you will find is a 240. A perfect tame is 120 bonus points. 240+120=360 + 202 lvl ups = 502 possible maximum

Did you know?

To convert map coordinates to Unreal map coordinates you subtract 50 then multiply by 8000. To go from unreal map coords to in-game map coordinates, you do the reverse...divide by 8000 then add 50