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September 11, 2014
Coliseum Event: Doed Races/Gladiator Battles
September 11, 2014
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Treasure Quest

Every week Admin hides storage box filled with hard to get items.
Clues are give as to its whereabouts and whoever finds it, takes home the treasure!


Contents of recent treasure chests:

Nov 21, 2015:

10 Metal Foundations
15 Scorpian Kibble
15 Rex Kibble
15 Raptor Kibble
15 Trike Kibble
Mastercraft chitin gloves
Journeyman Chitin helmet blueprint
Journeyman Chitin helmet
Apprentice simple pistol
100 Simple Bullets
50 Polymer
100 Angler Gel (6 days burning time…blue flames standing torches!)
1 SotF trophy and base (to represent your treasure quest win rather than SotF)

Nov 27, 2015:

5 Metal foundations
10 Metal walls
1 AC
1 Industial Forge
10 Quertz Kibble
10 Kairuku kibble
10 Dilo kibble
10 Rex kibble
Mastercraft metal Pick
Journeyman Hatchet BP
Journeyman flak boots
Mastercraft chitin head
Apprentice shotgun
50 Simple shotgun ammo
100 Polymer