We had to wipe the maps.
Last night, Oct 22, 75% of players were disconnecting constantly or not being able to connect at all.

I was hoping the issue was the network so waited until the next day before choosing to start removing the newer mods.
That was done and disconnections continued anyway. I was disconnected myself and couldn’t leave my base.
Most admins had the same issue.

As far as I know, the issue seemed to be happening around swamps mostly so it very well could be something to do with the new dinos?

It’s anybodys guess.
The servers were doing very, very well so I did NOT want to wipe and that was the absolute last resort.
If the problems continue I’ll be contacting Host Havoc to see what caused the disconnects. They make the game unplayable.

Am hoping now it was just a corrupted, glitched map.


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