I’ve made the decision to make server 2 into a Valhalla map with more difficult settings and less mods.

To all the people who invested so much time into S2, I am very sorry. There were only about 5 players using the map and it wasn’t getting any better. We considered it for PVP but I really didn’t want to deal with the headaches involved with players harassing other players repeatedly and trying to determine what is game play and what is rudeness.
If any of the S2 players wish, I can provide a download link to the saved island files so you can continue your work locally, on your own computer, or upload to a new server of your own where you can play online again.
I’ll work with you to reestablish the settings to match what you have been working with on LostContinentPVE.
I encourage you to try out the new Valhalla map. You will love it, and I’m telling you it WILL be around for much longer than server 2 was up.

The Valhalla map is 5 times larger than the regular map. Getting around it on foot takes time and nerves!!
Over all, the settings on this server are multiplied so harvesting is easier than the vanilla game, but not as easy as they are on server 1.
What are some of the differences?
Levelling up will take longer on this server…twice as long.
The progression of the exp points for engrams grows as you play so you can buy all the engrams but it’ll take longer to get to the point where you have them all.

The breeding will be slower too:

This is so players aren’t giving dinosaurs away like candy to their friends. We want all players to work for what they have on this server and appreciate it more.
Pteranodon, Argy and Quetzal saddle and platform engrams will be available further into the game now. Pteranodon saddles were available at lvl 35. Now you gotta wait to lvl 70.
Quetz saddle was 60…now 120
The platform was 80…now 160

The harvesthealth amount was modified so that you can harvest more from items than you could before, but they take longer to respawn. This should help the server out.
I’m considering putting in some Stargate Atlantis Gates at various spots around the map to help players get to both Carno Island, the ice floes and the floating island (where the equivalent of our Volcano building will be)

The server will be password protected until we have made sure all the settings are working as intended. It should only take a day or two more to get it online.


UPDATE: (Mar 2, 2016) Server is now open to players!


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