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March 31, 2016
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July 27, 2016
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Server 1 & 3 are now Annunaki Genesis

Both servers are freshly wiped. Choose your building location!
No one owns any one spot on either map, so claim your spot while you can.

Server 1 (The Island) features Annunaki Genesis as well as many other favorite mods.
Server 3 (The Center) features both The Center Map and Annunaki Genesis as well as an assortment of other favorite mods.

Annunaki Genesis wild dinos can go up to lvl 600 at this time. There are many tiers of dinos types for each species. Perhaps the most interesting tier may be the Badass types of dinos.
They come are very colourful, and can be Poisonous, Fire, Frosty, Mountain, Chaos and H. Each type has different effects on other dinos when you attack with them. Poisonous badass dinos can render other dinos unconscious…a very useful trait.
The tiers of dinos are: Elite, Baby, Drake, Badass, Champion, Alpha, Prime Alpha, Uber, Annunaki, Ancient, Apex, Unique, Warden, Warchief, God

The following info comes from:

ROLE: Damage
EXTRA: Has a cold protection buff and deals a Fire melee DOT, which deals the highest amount of Badass damage against Health.

+ Gains more points tamed in MELEE
– Gains less points tamed in HEALTH

ROLE: Survival
EXTRA: Has a heat protection buff and deals a Cold melee DOT, which slightly damages Health and deals moderate damage to STAMINA, which causes slower movement speed for the receiver.

+ Gains more points tamed in SPEED
– Gains less points tamed in HEALTH

ROLE: Support (Taming)
EXTRA: Deals torpor damage based on the Melee %, while also giving the receiver a DOT which reduced it’s FOOD.

+ Gains more points tamed in HEALTH
– Gains less points tamed in STAMINA

EXTRA: Does 25% more base melee damage in comparison to the other Badass Creatures, while also being able to damage Stone Structures. It also deals 50% higher Knockback damage and has 50% more Mass & Drag Weight.

+ Gains more points tamed in MELEE
– Gains less points tamed in SPEED

ROLE: Control
EXTRA: Has a surround glow that increases it’s base SPEED and MELEE. It also applies Chaos damage which will rapidly drain the HEALTH, STAMINA of the receiver.

+ Gains more points tamed in HEALTH
+ Gains more points tamed in SPEED
+ Gains more points tamed in MELEE
– Gains less points tamed in STAMINA
– Gains less points tamed in OXYGEN

ROLE: Harvesting
EXTRA: Besides the general Badass improvements, such as increased stats, it’s main purpose is to accelerate the Harvesting amount of resources. It also has improved Weight in comparison with the other Badass’.

+ Gains more points tamed in WEIGHT
– Gains less points tamed in HEALTH

Champion Creatures
These are the Plat formed supported creatures – They will regenerate Health much faster, obtain more Health via level up and have massive amounts of weight to support gigantic structure building.


Bokito, Warden of the Snow deals 1500 base melee damage. Enraged 3500. His Rock Throw deals 100,000 damage, which is only used at ranged targets

I will add more warden names and detail when I find them.


Q) Can the Alpha’s be tamed?
A) Yes, but only the ones without Prime in their name.

Q) What is the difference between an Alpha and a Prime Alpha?
A) A Prime Alpha is an adult, while the Alpha in an infant,
which can be tamed and run away when provoked.

Q) Do Alpha babies exist?
A) Yes, but they spawn very rare together with a Prime Alpha parent.

Q) How can I obtain an Alpha baby?
A) Via either collecting a wild fertlized egg and breed it
(NOTE: This method is still heavily under development)
or by knocking out a wild baby Alpha.

Q) Can the DodoRex be tamed?
A) Yes.

Q: Where can I find all the different colored DodoRex’?
A: You can only find the default colored DodoRex on Carnivore Island. The rest of the colors are skins, that are a rare drop from the Zomdodo’s roaming Carnivore Island.

Q) Can the Dragon be tamed?
A) Yes, two versions, the Omega Dragon and the smaller Dragon.

Q) Can the Dragon have babies?
A) Yes, but keep in mind that it’s still a work-a-progress.

Q) Can the Broodmother be tamed?
A) Yes.

Q) Can the Gorilla (Megathipeticus) be tamed?
A) Yes.

Q) Can I tame the Badass creatures?
A) Yes.

Q) What are Badass creatures?
A) The Badass creatures are unique colored creatures that have different elemental type attacks and highly increased stats per type.

Q: Which colour means which elemental damage type for a Badass Creature?
A: – Fire: Damage, Frost: Survival, Poison: Support (Taming), Mountain: PvP, Chaos: Control

Q) Can I find babies?
A) Yes, everywhere around the Ark.

Q) Can I tame babies?
A) Yes, you can tame most babies.

Q) Can I find fertilized wild baby eggs?
A) Yes, but keep in mind that they are “buggy” atm and highly in development.

Q) Why do the Alpha Eggs dissappear when I drop them?
A) This only occurs the 2nd time you drop it, because it’s not yet fully supported by the original game yet. It’s a work-in-progress and unstability might happen.

Q) Can the Ancients be tamed?
A) No, you can only obtain their skin randomly by killing and looting them.

Q) Can the Ancients be knocked out?
A) No, the Ancients are fully immune against torpor.

Q) What is the deal with the over spawning Titanoboa’s?
A) The current game doesn’t support the overwrite of the Swamp Area, resulting in different bugs, mainly over spawning creatures.

Q) Can I tame the Champion Creatures?
A) Yes, the have a rare spawn chance so it might take a while if you’re unlucky to find them.

Q) Why does the Annunaki DodoRex almost instantly wake-up after being knocked out?
A) This is intentional, due to the fact that he is the most OP creature in the game (besides the Omega Dragon). You can only knock him out with the Metal Tranquilizer Arrows, and tame him with a Golden Treat.


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  1. zmert says:

    Awesome I’ve been looking forward to the annunaki mod, glad you decided to run it! I’ll be on server 3 starting up once again, thanks for keeping up with the game Boomer 😀

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