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February 25, 2018
September 30, 2018
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S1 and S2 wipes

After the transfer to the new server, both S1 and S2 wouldn’t load properly. Bases and dinosaurs missing even after loading the saved map and reinstalling the mod files. Sadly that means both servers were wiped.
But happily that also means anyone at endgame now can have fun again going from being dilo-bait on the beach to a metal-clad king in his own castle
I would apologize for the situation, but the hosting company is at fault here.
I wasn’t told S2 would also be relocated so was unable to provide warning for s2 users.
I was also told the transfer would be trouble-free, and that was not true.
At least on the new server, things will run even more lag-free and be a better playing environment.

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