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January 7, 2016
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New Modded Server

Rather than add mods to our regular server, and possibly making it hard to connect to or even worse corrupted, I’ve started a sister server that includes most of the same settings. Dinos are a little stronger. I might add a mod that makes wild dinos spawn at much higher levels.

Keep in mind that the new server could have times where you won’t be able to connect until the server mods are updated. When you connect to a modded server, your client ark software automatically downloads the newest versions of the mods. The server doesn’t do that. I have to take the downloaded update from home PC and upload it to the server.
I’m hoping to have a few admins on a the various times of day that can do the uploads when I cannot.

The mods in use are Big Walls, Better Beacons, Metal with Glass Set, Storage Plus, Tavans Trough, Industrial Grinder, Electric Fence, Bridges, Better Lights, Ultimate Remote, Extended Drums, Giant Compost Bin, Stairs With Rounded Walls, Admin Armor, Ark Automated, Planting, Pub Decor, Aku Shima Reinforced Wood Tier, Tiki Torches, Jurassic Security Glass, Auto Torches, Ark Heaven Custom Stacks and Military Sniper Rifle!
To help keep the server responsive, when possible please use the big walls for your base walls. This will reduce the amount of structures on the server a LOT! The nice thing about big walls is they don’t use that many materials…nothing like regular are behemoth walls.

Under consideration is Ark Advance once they stop updating it 4 times daily!

All the mods listed below are rated highly for their detailed models and interfaces. These are perhaps things that the devs should have included!

Big Walls are larger walls that are low on cost. It makes it much faster to wall in your base and protect your dinos, Supports a few different tiers.

Metal with Glass Set is a tons of new building materials and tools that give you glass walls, floors, ceilings etc. It is very nice.

Better Beacons are good supply drops. The kind of things you get for winning at the coliseum.

Storage Plus is an assortment of beautiful alternative safes, weapons lockers, ammo cases, crafting stations and cabinets. The large metal safe has 1000 slots!

Tavan’s Trough is an electric feeding trough that is refrigerated. Food spoils at much slower rate.

Industrial Grinder is cool-looking large machine that is much more than a faster mortar/pestle. It has many more slots. It converts rock to flint, wood to thatch and thatch to fibre among other thing.

Electric Fence is a glass-rodded fence just like in Jurassic Park.

Bridges are an assortment of cool bridges in the different tiers.

Better Lights are new lights with wider range and selectable colors. The industrial lighting is no longer needed!

Ultimate Remote is a remote for opening doors, gates without having to dismount your dino.

Extended Drums give you a better selection of drum sounds. Now we can have concerts!

Giant Compost Bin gives you a compost bin with 100 slots. This will cut down on the amount of compost bins in the server and require much less tending to.

Stairs with Rounded Walls gives you a variety of building materials. Spiral stairs are included. Wood, stone and metal tiers are supports.

Admin Armor is an excellent admin tool for moving and flying quickly in god mode.

Ark Automated makes fertilizer production and egg collecting very simple.

Planting Mod is for adding beautiful landscaping to your base. Now you can survive in style!

Pub Decor gives you all the items you would need to make an olde english style pub for drinking all that new beer.

Aku Shima RWT is just the reinforced wood part of Aku Shima. The wood tier items are the nicest looking architectural building blocks available anywhere.

Tiki Torches are 2.5x brighter than normal torches. They also use only oil or gas. Oil will last as long as angler gel. Gas last twice as long as that!

Jurassic Security Glass is the glass tier from the Aku Shima mod. It may even be slicker- looking than metal with glass set.

Auto Torches require no fuel. Available in standing and wall styles. Also available are auto torches with timers so when it gets dark they turn on/off.

*Next mod on hold until its frequent updates slow down a bit
Ark Advance
defies description. Dozens of new awesome machines including industrial smokers. Makes most electrical appliances and hardware so you can pick them up and move them around.



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