Max Tamed Dinos Emergency is over!
December 10, 2015
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On Dec 4, 2015 we hit the maximum number of tamed dinosaurs allowed on the server, so we increased the number from 3700 to 5000.
We will likely experience more lag now, with record numbers of dinos.

If you have a rediculous number of dinos that you don’t need, please thin out the herd a little. Get rid of the low level dinos you really have no use for.
If you have 10 of one dino species, try getting rid of a couple of them.
Instead of collecting dinos, just replace lower lvl ones with higher lvl ones. Who wants to show off low lvl dinos anyway?!
If you need more eggs, have an oviraptor wander about instead and you will have more eggs with less dinos.

If everyone chips in, there will never again be an issue with reaching the max tamed dino amount.
If players dont chip in, there will be no taming on this server anymore, and that WILL effectively kill LostContinentPVE unless drastic measures are taken.

As players leave and their bases decay, we will be destroying the dinos owned by the tribe rather than giving them away. That will help keep the tamed dino numbers well below the limits.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but this has become a popular server, in the top 4% of all ark servers, and the game does have limits at this time.

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