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Col. PuffCol. Puff is a 30 year old an ex-military black ops agent that after several top secret missions was honorably discharged enjoying his retirement with his dog until one day the special intelligence force showed up to his house and knocked on his door. The special agent who looked straight of the the Men In Black asked him to work on a mission/project that was side by side with the government on a top secret project. After some reluctance and curiosity he agreed and civilian puff was now back into the shoes he felt more comfortable in as Col. Puff. He was called into the Pentagon building to have a discussion on a mission that they wanted him to help with and was told to report to area 51. Even though after hearing "Area 51" and his gut feeling telling him this wasn't the best idea, once again his curiosity got the best of him and he did what he knew how to do and that was follow orders. So after being reinstated into the military Col. Puff asked no questions and reported for duty to area 51. Upon arriving at area 51 he entered a barracks to report to the commanding officers of the project, as he started asking questions about his assignment or what exactly they needed him for, he was ambushed, his face covered in a bag and he was hog tied, and the next thing he remembers is waking up on a strange island with what appeared to be a government implant in his left arm, completely unclothed and vulnerable. Col. Puff thinking he is on assignment and not having any idea what he is suppose to do there, he struggles between making friends with what he finds as "locals" or if he should protect himself and naturalize them or maybe perhaps hes to tranquilize the "locals" for government observation. So as Col. Puff continues to observe the land he noticed this implantation glowing! He figured out that its more then just and tracker type device from the government but he is discovering that he can make weapons off of this implantation and once he makes a weapon a stronger weapon is available of the implantation for him to gather resources to make. Not only that he is able to advanced his knowledge of the land the more he explores it. He is discovering the use of the weapons and the what appears to be edible berry's can produce more items and not only feed him but can make poisons, or even an amazing stimulate. He has come across some strange animals on the island some he recognizes from his history books that appear to be prehistoric and some that look almost mutated, while among these creatures he has even found some common animals that he has once hunted back on his own world and has used the resources for blankets, and even clothes. He hopes to find friendly's to help with his coping of being alone and is starting to question if weather or not he is ever going to return home to his dog and his home life. He feels he should ignore what he thinks is his mission and learn to adapt and live a new life, this way he wouldn't be alone anymore, but the fear of repercussion is always
Jebediah JonesHe is a strange old hermit living out in the swamp. Rumors are circulating that he isn’t all that he seems to be. People say they see strange lights through the trees, coming and going around his house late at night. They also claim to have seen jebediah flying around without the aid of a flying dinosaur, but those people were quickly dismissed as conspiracy-theorist quacks by the government. Men in black seen visiting his house under cover of darkness, lends mystery to what seems to be a possible government-alien collaboration. Even stranger are the claims that Jebediah was seen magically spawning entities from out of nowhere. How is this possible with the technology of the day? Some people are afraid of Jebediah, thinking he was involved in the disappearance of unruly locals. Not just the unruly local, but their dinosaurs, houses and all their belongings. Each time someone vanished Jebediah was seen nearby. Afterwards it is as if they never exisited……

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