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March 2, 2016
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March 23, 2016
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LC The Island PVE server file issues

Server 1 crashed earlier and I’ve been having some trouble getting it to be a connectable server. Like last time this happened, I had to test previous saved versions of the map to find one that would work. It’s looking like a choice between a major rollback and a server wipe to fix whatever it was that makes it glitch.
I apologize but I’m going with the wipe.

This will be the time to put in a better stacks mod that works with jerky and slingshots. The set of mods we use for server 2 valhalla is a solid working set that has very few glitches so am going with that set.
Server 2 is a more challenging map, and it’s resulted in a less laggy, more fun and adventurous map. I’m using it’s settings, The only difference will be the stargate mod. The Island is too small for that mod and it’s bugged atm anyway.

In the spirit of being independent, and accomplishing your own bases using your own skills, please don’t be giving dinosaurs away like candy. New players should have to work for what they get. When you see a base with quetzals and gigas, you will know that tribe or player is an skilled and long term member of the map. DIY is the theme.

Don’t pollute the map with thousands of tamed dinos that aren’t needed. Let’s keep it less laggy and it will be a more enjoyable experience for all.

Also, getting to the level where you can craft a ptero, argy, quetz or dragon saddle will now take longer than it did. When you get to that level, please do NOT give those saddles away to new players. This is something that admins will take seriously. Doing this will just take the server right back to where it was within days and will negatively affect it.




  1. Felipe says:

    Soo server 1 gonna be wipe? fine, i think is a good oportunity to change, but, when he gonna be on again?

  2. Creter says:

    Hey boomer. This is creter. Was a regular on Lost Continent for the past few weeks and came on today and noticed theres a password, not sure how i can get that from you. Very enjoyed the map and ppl that played on it, so i would hate to have to find a new place to play. thanks

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