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September 9, 2016
September 28, 2016
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LC PVPVE RP Black-Ops 25x Coming Sept 30th

Coming very soon…a role playing scenario server for Lost Continent!
Players have to apply to be able to join. In this server, players must invent their own character and act as that character while playing. Here is a description of the world your character finds him or herself in:

In an alternate universe, in a strange twist of reality, we find 1950’s style American military UFO cover-ups taking place in an impossible jungle populated with dinosaurs that could never and should never exist.
The characters in this bizarre situation are something out of a Hollywood movie. Everyone seems to have a strange connection to what looks like an Alien-Government collaboration.
Are you there too? What part do you play? Can you be trusted?

Click here for more information and how to join

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