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December 26, 2015
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January 7, 2016
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Harvest Amount Multipliers

We have modified the harvest amount multipliers just for berries. For most berries, you now get the default amount, rather than 5x.We have set narcoberries and mejoberries to 3x however, as they are the most used.
The Harvest Health Multiplier is still low at 0.3, so you get all you can get from a plant almost immediately, and not waste time.
The reason for this is the lag on the server may now be reduced a lot when a bronto swings its tail for berries. There is much less for the server to process at a time with the lower levels.

I sometimes play on other servers and the other day I was levelling up a NICE level 120 bronto that took 3 hrs to tame. I swung for berries, dropped everything, swung for more berries, dropped everything etc until the entire forest in my area was denuded of all life. Then I checked the chat window, and there were players freaking at the bad amount of lag they were experiencing. Some were ready to quit.
I cooled it for a while. The complaining stopped.
I started again. The complaints were immediate.
I was almost losing my connection because the lag caused by my bronto tail swings were so bad. I couple of time I thought the game had locked up.

I tested our new settings with a bronto on LostContinentPVE and the effects weren’t very bad at all. There was minimal lag. You need to work at it longer but other players won’t find themselves frustrated by the lag caused by bronto tail berry swings!



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