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February 4, 2016
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February 19, 2016
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End of the World and Beginning of a New One

Yup…it finally happened.

The map became badly corrupted so we had to reset it. Any players that were travelling by the large mountain in the north-east would find their game would crash. When they attempting to log back on, the game would crash before even connecting.
I went there and it crashed my game. I wasn’t able to get back on the server without ark crashing over and over.

I tried rolling the server back 24 hours to a time when maybe the map corruption wasn’t there. The problem persisted for players and anyone who went to that area.
We’ve been experiencing bad lag and intermittent server crashes lately. It’s negatively affected the general attitude towards this server.
I made the decision to wipe, so we can start with a clean slate.

In the future, please be careful to not build massive bases. Built your bases, have fun but don’t place thousands upon thousands of walls. That stuff adds up and causes lag.
If you are in a tribe, and abandon a base for a new one, please destroy the old one. Free up server resources.
The new map won’t contain a maze, which used thousands of walls.
In it’s place will be a “wipe-out” type of labyrinth, and the whole structure will have a race track around it. This will be a maze/coliseum combo for racing. That way there is one less building.
The track walls will be the large electric fences, rather than fence foundations and small walls.
Try to build using Electric fences, or replace your base fence walls with the electric fences. They can enclose a large area using a small number of items.

Also….try to build bases that do have fence walls around them (the electric fences preferably). That way, we won’t have stray tamed dinos scattered all over the map.
Keep the dinos contained and safe from wild dinos.

All the settings are the same as before. We have the admin armor mod, jurassic ark fences mod, the shopping mod and now the Aku Shima Reinforced Wood tier and Glass tier for building bases with. Castle Mod has been added. You can now build big, without using a massive number of tiles.

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