If you don’t feel like reading this whole post, just look for the bold italics below to cut to the chase!

Having put in over a 1000 hours of gameplay, and consulting with other players that have easily outdone me in gameplay time, we determined that the most fun that you can have in Ark Survival is in creating your own base and taming all your own dinosaurs. It feels like an accomplishment and makes you proud of your base. The most dedicated players do that. They create a base and build walls to protect it from wild dinos. They dabble in almost all aspects of the game and what it has to offer.

There is a trend in the current influx of new players for them to fly around looking for any dinosaurs that can be claimed and taken. They also look for bases they can break into because they appear abandoned. The reasoning is “get what you can before someone else gets it first”.

We understand that. It is easier, plus dino decay and structure decay are all part of the game, so it should be allowed. Tough beans to the players who left their base and dinos for too long and probably aren’t coming back anyway.

This isn’t in the spirit of PVE though. Players like that tend not to build much in the way of bases and just collect all the dinos they can. They come and they go, and are usually not at the server for very long.
Many players start exploring other players bases to see if they are abandoned and then check to see if their doors are locked or not. That’s not exploring, that is an attempt at raiding. When admins spectate, we see players doing this and it’s very frustrating. The players just go into others bases to see what they can take. It’s been an ongoing problem since the devs chose to make abandoned pve dinos claimable.

Players returning from vacation have found themselves robbed blind and have been very upset. They thought the server environment was a friendly one.

The growing number of tamed dinosaurs towards the server’s limit of 5000 is also a potential problem as the server gets more popular. When players leave, we would prefer to kill off their dinos, and free up the numbers for new tames.

We’ve chosen to turn off structure decay to stop players from raiding. We’ve also turned off dino decay so now there is no reason at all to be closely investigating other player’s bases. (unless you are just inspired by their building techniques and wish to learn from them!)

It will mean more work for admins, manually checking bases and destroying anything abandoned for more than 15 days.

What it will mean for you players is a better, safer playing environment where your dinosaurs are safe from being claimed. You can go away for longer periods of time and know that when you get back your base will be intact. If you are going away for more than 15 days just let admins know and we will even make sure your dinos are fed.
If you see a base that you think is abandoned please let us know and we’ll destroy it if it is so you can build there.

If you came to LostContinentPVE looking for free stuff, we have treasure quests, coliseum events and labyrinth events for that.

We hope these changes improve the playing environment for everyone!


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