December 10, 2015
Server Issues
December 12, 2015
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Changed Settings

There’s been a few changes to the settings:

These changes will affect the quality of the items cooked in the cooking pots and industrial cooking using the new RP cooking system (which I know very little about to be honest!)

We wanted to decrease the amount of dilo and dodo farms to reduce the total number of tamed dinos on the server so we increased the amount of eggs you could get from each animal as well as the tamed dino server limit to what is now the default: 5000. The devs have optimised the game enough that they feel 5000 is safe.

Some valued players took a 2 week vacation only to return to a base that had been raided and found substantial dinos had been claimed. To try to fix this, we increased how long it takes before structures are demolishable. The dino decay multiplier doesn’t seem to have an effect. We’re working on this. Feedback from players will help determine how much longer we have for structure decay. If we find a setting that will lengthen the tamed claimable dino countdown, we’ll need feedback for that as well so we can tweak it.




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