October 23, 2016
Servers 1 & 2 are now Unclustered.
November 10, 2016
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Ark Comes Alive Removed

The ACA mod was removed Oct 26.
This mod caused bad connection problems for 75% of our players. We wiped the servers before we knew what was causing the problem.
The mod offered the expensive-to-make Autominer, which was replaced by the expensive-to-make Industrial Factory, which was then replaced by expensive-to-make God Plots – which are now currently being replaced. All these items were difficult to achieve and players were losing serious progress every time the mod changed, with no warning. The contents of the machines were lost as a result.
Dinosaurs in this mod proliferated so badly it was lagging the server and likely causing crashes. The dev would fix one dino then another type would over-multiply.
Crashes were frequent and occurred 2 or more times a day.
The mod updated up to 4 times every day. That is ridiculous and cause server issues over and over.
It introduced boss dinos that were summoned very cheaply and offered no method of preventing them. The devs rudely offered no method to block or prevent the summoning.
The mod introduced swamp dinos that simply crashed the server repeatedly. It crashed all servers that ran it before it was figured out and certain dino types could be blocked.
This mod was nothing but a headache. It’s gone!!!! It was replaced with Annunaki Genesis until a future time when all the bugs have been worked out.

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