RP Rules and Code of Conduct:

Microphone required
No bird PVP
All PVP must be agreed apon and role played out
All global chat must be role played
Must have a radio in game (channel 99GHZ) is admin channel
If you have a issue that needs to be dealt with outside of the sever we have a discord and team speak. See website
Be respectful to admins and players
Maximum of 10 dinos per species
Maximum of 6 players per tribe

What To Expect:
Total immersion into a wild dinosaur world involving Alien cover ups!

How to Apply:
Fill out the form below and click submit. We will get back to you as soon as possible. All are welcome!

Server Scenario:
In an alternate universe, in a strange twist of reality, we find 1950's style American military UFO cover-ups taking place in an impossible jungle populated with dinosaurs that could never and should never exist.
The characters in this bizarre situation are something out of a Hollywood movie. Everyone seems to have a strange connection to what looks like an Alien-Government collaboration.
Are you there too? What part do you play? Can you be trusted?

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