How to Connect to Our Modded Servers

Our servers and how to connect to them

There are 3 LostContinentPVE servers:

Server 1: LC PVE 25x TheIsland
Server 2: LC PVE 20x The Center ACA
Server 3: LC PVE 25x Volcano Island Uber Crafter

Server 1 uses the Annunaki Genesis mod for dinos that go up to level 600
Servers 2 and 4 use Ark Comes Alive for high lvl dinos as well.
Server 3 has difficulty 10 dinos up to lvl 240
All servers feature dinos from Scorched Earth!
Server 3 has the new exciting and awesome hand-crafted map, Volcano island as well as the new and popular Uber Crafter!

All servers:
*have player and dino level ups that go up to 251. Stat level ups are very high and you and your dino become very powerful very fast!
*have XP and Gathering rates of 25x. (Server 2 has rates that vary from 15x to 20x and Server 4 goes up to 15x)
*have high taming rates.....on server 3 is 75x and on server1, 2 and 4 it is 125x.
*are modded
*have high health recovery rates. Because of the increased stat level ups, dino health recovery is multiplied to 100,000x. Player health recovery is 1000x.
*Server 4 health recovery rates are vanilla

Players are encouraged to achieve their bases and tamed dinos on their own. Players can work together to capture hard to get dinos, like quetzals, but dinos are not to be given to low level players as free gifts. This way players work their way up on their own.
On our servers, when you see a player that has a massive base with Dragons and Quetzals, you know it belongs to a tribe or player who accomplished this on their own.

We do NOT compensate players for their losses, unless the loss was inadvertently caused by us. This is an alpha version game that has game and map glitches. When you play it, you take your chances with items being lost. Deal with it, and work on reattaining the items on your own. Admins will hopefully be there to help you get out of difficult glitches or situations when possible, but are not responsible or permitted to replace items.

All Servers are modded except for server 4 Prim+.
Before you attempt to join for the first time you should open the following link, click on the map you want to play then click the "Subscribe To All" button.

Click here to preload mods for servers before you attempt to join.

Open Ark and at the start menu you will see the mods being loaded on the lower right hand side.
When they have completed loading you can then connect to the server.
If you don't do this, when you try to join the server, steam will start loading all the mods and you will get a timeout problem.

After getting the mods, to join the servers, you can click either map to join.

Server 1

Server 2

server 3

server 4