Raw RCON Commands:

AddPoints SteamID Amount - Adds points to the player.
SetPoints SteamID Amount - Changes player's points amount.
GetPlayerPoints SteamID - Prints how many points player has.
ChangePoints SteamID Amount> - Adds or decreases points amount. This command will add points to the current amount. Entered amount number can be negative.
ChangeKitAmount - Adds or decreases player's kits amount. This command will add kits to the current amount. Entered amount number can be negative.
ArkShop.Reload - Reloads a config file.
ResetPoints - Resets points for all players.
ResetKits - Resets kits for all players.
ListInvItems - Lists inventory item blueprint paths to the log file.

Permissions (status groups):

Permissions.Add SteamID Group - Adds player to the existing group.
Permissions.Remove SteamID Group - Removes player from the group.
Permissions.AddGroup Group - Adds a group.
Permissions.RemoveGroup Group - Removes the group.
Permissions.Grant Group Permission - Grants a specific permission to the group. Wildcard character (*) would give all permissions to this group.
Permissions.Revoke Group Permission - Revokes a specific permission from the group.
Permissions.PlayerGroups SteamID - Lists all player's groups.
Permissions.GroupPermissions Group - Lists all group's permissions.
Permissions.ListGroups - Lists all groups and their permissions.

Status Tiers

Basic Status
Starter Kit (unbreakable stone hatchet, stone pick, spear, reusable grappling hook, 50 meat jerky)
Dino (Therizino lvl 75 and asc saddle)
Tools (primitive metal pick and hatchet and pike)
Armour (primitive flak armour)
tamingtools (primitive crossbow with 50 tranq arrows)

VIP Status $10
vipdino (Therizino lvl 600, Argentavis lvl 600 plus asc saddles)
viptools (ascendant metal pick and hatchet and pike)
viparmour (ascendant flak)
viptamingtools (Ascendant Crossbow with 100 tranq arrows and 10 soultraps)
10x points multiplier

Ascended Status $20
asctools (tek chembench,tek bed, tek forcefield, tek forge, tek fridge, tek gas collector, tek generator, tek hitching post, 5 tek lights, tek stove, tek trough, 1000 tek element)
ascdino (lvl 600 apex phoenix and griffin plus asc saddles)
ascarmour (asc riot gear with desert gear)
asctamingtools (100 shocking darts and 2 asc long neck rifle, 100 soulballs and soul terminal)
15x points multiplier

Permissions.Add SteamID Ascended
Permissions.Add SteamID VIP


buildingkit (lvl 600 Doed, Anky, Tapejara and Argy plus asc saddles for each) $15
fuelkit (100 propellant, 50 element, 100 calien soup, 100 beers, 500 gasoline, 100 angler gel) $3.50

Item Sets for Points:

farming 2000 points (gardener, farmer, 2 item collectors (plus 25 beer, 25 calien soup and 50 propellant), 4 compost bins, 5000 thatch, 25 of ea veggie seeds, foundations, greenhouse walls, doors and ceilings for a 3x5 greenhouse, 2 metal intake pipe, 15 metal vertical and intersection pipes, 15 metal taps, 15 seamless crop plots, 60 fertilizer.
awesome 1200 points (2 teleporters, 5 remotes and 5 spyglasses)

ChangeKitAmount steamID buildingkit 1
ChangeKitAmount steamID fuelkit 1


5000 Points: $3.50
10000 Points: $7.00
15000 Points: $10.00
20000 Points: $13.00
40000 Points: $25.00

AddPoints steamID 5000

Things to buy with points:

AmmoniteBlood (100x) 200 points
AnglerGel (100x) 200 points
Blackpearl (100x) 200 points
BlueSap (100x) 200 points
charcoal (100x) 200 points
Chitin (100x) 200 points
CPaste (100x) 200 points
Clay (100x) 200 points
CondensedGas (200x) 100 points
Crystal (100x) 200 points
Electronics (100x) 200 points
ElementDust (100x) 100 points
ElementOre (100x) 50 points
ElementShard (100x) 25 points
Element (100x) 2000 points
Fiber (100x) 200 points
Flint (100x) 200 points
FracturedGem (100x) 200 points
FungalWood (100x) 200 points
Gasoline (1100x) 200 points
Gunpowder (200x) 200 points
Hair (100x) 500 points
Hide (100x) 200 points
Keratin (100x) 200 points
LeechBlood (100x) 200 points
MetalIngot (100x) 200 points
Metal (100x) 200 points
Obsidian (100x) 200 points
Oil (100x) 200 points
Pelt (100x) 200 points
Polymer (100x) 200 points
OrgPolymer (100x) 200 points
PreservingSalt (100x) 200 points
Propellant (100x) 200 points
RareFlower (100x) 200 points
RareMushroom (50x) 200 points
RawSalt (100x) 200 points
Sand (100x) 200 points
Sap (100x) 200 points
ScrapMetal (100x) 200 points
SilicaPearls (100x) 200 points
Silk (100x) 200 points
SnailPaste (100x) 200 points
Sparkpowder (100x) 200 points
SquidOil (100x) 200 points
Stone (100x) 200 points
AbsorbentSubstrate (100x) 200 points
Sulfer (100x) 200 points
Thatch (100x) 200 points
Wood (100x) 200 points
Wool (100x) 200 points
PheromoneGland (100x) 200 points

T-Rex 5000 Points
Quetz 6000 Points
Spino 5000 Points
Therizino 4000 Points