Admin Training Page

Admin Training Page

First off, Administrators acknowledge that this is a fully volunteer and non-paying position.
There are some guidelines that come with the responsibility of being able to run admin commands on this server.
Use the admin commands wisely.
Do not use the commands to abuse players.
Do not use the admin commands to give free items or dinosaurs to friends, unless there is a good reason to do so.
Spawning things for yourself is ok to a point, but do not flaunt the admin powers over other players. They don’t want flying brontosaurus gliding over their bases. Be discreet so that other players do not feel they are surrounded by cheaters, even though that’s not what it is, it is the impression new players will have.
The usual method of choosing an admin is to choose one who has almost approached end game after having been on the server for some time. They have built their own base, tamed all the dinosaurs they could ever want and are pretty much just maintaining their base and perfecting it.
Players need to have shown themselves to have been friendly and helpful to other players in order for us to take them into consideration.

How to Start

Once Boomer has whitelisted you, you’ll be able to run admin commands.
To run admin commands, you press the tab key and the tab console window pops up. Type all the commands into the tab console.
Type cheat fly into the console and press enter. Press the spacebar and you should go up. You can move around the same as usual in fly mode.
Enter cheat god and you are now in god mode and can’t be injured.
Enter cheat walk and you are no longer flying and will drop to the ground.
Enter cheat ghost and you can go thru walls and thru the ground and still interact with your environment.
Enter cheat infinitestats to toggle on and off hunger, thirst, stamina and  health.
Enter cheat enemyinvisible true and dinos will ignore you. Turn that off by entering the command cheat enemyinvisible false.

If you are asked to help free a dinosaur from a trapped location, you center your view on the dinosaur, then type cheat givetome.
The dinosaur now belongs to you and you can ride it. Hop on to the dino, and then anything you type now applies to the dinosaur as well.
If you type cheat ghost, the dinosaur and you can now pass through walls.
When you get the dinosaur into a good location type cheat walk and the dino is normal again. Make sure you are not too high off the ground so the dino is not hurt, or type cheat god so the dino is not hurt.
Turn god mode off by entering it again.
Unclaim the dinosaur to give it back to the player. Unclaim is usually found in the dino’s radial menu. If it is not, try using a dino storage soultrap and see if you can give the player the soultrapped dino.
Note: You may not be able to claim a dino that has a platform. The platform will have to be removed to claim the dino.

Banning Players/Tribes

One of the admin’s responsibilities are banning malicious players.
If you are angry with a player’s actions, it may be best to give the information to another admin who can decide what to do with that player so that your anger doesn’t cloud proper judgement.
If a player if being overtly malicious, then you can ban them on the spot, but when possible you give them a warning first and then watch them. If you don’t want to be the person who bans them then give your reasons for wanting to ban to Boomer and he will do it. Players lose what they have gained from the hundreds of game hours they’ve put into the game. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a big deal, but to the player being banned – it will be, so don’t ban unless there is a good reason.
Always strive to be professional to players. Don’t get angry or rude.
Use the command showmyadminmanager to bring up a window you can use to kick or ban players.

Examples of malicious behaviour include:

  1. Using argys or quetzals to lift up players or their dinos without their permission.
  2. Placing pillars or foundations close to someone’s base to prevent them from building, when one player was clearly there first.
  3. Leaving dinosaurs at someone’s gate so they cannot come or go from their base.
  4. Stealing from other players.
  5. Stalking other players who do not want the other person bothering them.
  6. Bad mouthing or slandering from another player.
  7. Insults regarding race, religion, sexual orientation etc.
  8. Willingly performing acts that result in another player’s character’s death.
  9. Vandalizing community buildings by destroying the structures/contents.
  10.  Spawning bosses or dinos close to or in someone’s base.

Basically any act that is malicious and is an act of trolling other players, causing anger or frustration.
If the player is a member of a tribe who are not guilty of the same offense then just banning the one player is enough.

If a tribe is to be banned, the best way to do it is by using showmyadminmanager first to ban the player then looking at one of their structures and entering the following codes:
cheat destroytribeplayers
cheat destroytribedinos
cheat destroytribestructures
(In that order.)
note that these commands destroy ALL of the tribe’s stuff across the map.
Do not give away their dinos. The map is better off without the extra tamed dinos.

Destroy Commands

Do NOT use destroystructures  or DestroyAllEnemies or DestroyAll  commands.
They are dangerous.
All the dinos on the map could be wiped out by mistake.

The destroytribe commands are ok to run on banned tribes but be very careful what your view is centered on when entering the commands.
The only other safe command to use is cheat destroymytarget. Center your view on the object to need to destroy and enter cheat destroymytarget.
That will make the dino/object vanish. Be careful, as it has a pretty good range. You could destroy someone’s nearby dinosaur or something else.

The command to kill and regen all WILD dinosaurs is Cheat DestroyWildDinos. Please ask Boomer to run this or make sure all players on the server are aware this will be run and are good with it.
Do not use the misleading command named destroyallenemies as it kills all tamed and wild dinosaurs.
Also note that running cheat DestroyAll to destroy one type of dinosaur will ALSO destroy the tamed dinosaurs of that type.
For example: cheat DestroyAll Ankylo_Character_BP_C will destroy all tamed and wild ankylos on the server.
So just don’t run it.
In an emergency, it could be used to destroy alpha dinos that are out of control. They’re not tamed anyway. The commands are:
cheat DestroyAll MegaCarno_Character_BP
cheat DestroyAll MegaRaptor_Character_BP
cheat DestroyAll MegaRex_Character_BP


Custom Dino Colors

Players will request custom colors for their dinos. It’s preferable to just give them dyes so they can paint it themselves. There are too many tasks for admins to do without having to custom color dinos. If you do it for one player all players will expect the same.

Claiming Structures

You can’t claim and unclaim structures. You can only claim them. The only way a player can claim them back is with admin commands. Rarely do we allow this.
To help a player get his dinos or structures back:

*Make a tribe for yourself if you haven’t already.
Leave your tribe

Create a tribe and set it to tribe owned
Look at player’s structure and type:
TakeAlldino (you may need to look at one of the dinos for this to work)
Invite player to the tribe. (press E key in front of player)
Make him the founder
Leave tribe…don’t forget

Claim your own tribe back same way using the takealldino and takeallstructure commands.

Spawning Dinosaurs

When you spawn a dinosaur, do not go over the server’s limit. The limit is usually 600 for LC servers. If the dinosaur is wild, you tame it by entering cheat forcetame. That also gives a perfect tame with half level bonus points.
Cheat givetome works on wild dinos but the dino’s inventory is messed up for good, so use forcetame instead.
The commands are on the cheatsheet and one example is:
cheat SpawnDino “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Argentavis/Argent_Character_BP.Argent_Character_BP'” 0 0 0 1
This spawns a level 1 argy.
cheat SpawnDino “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Argentavis/Argent_Character_BP.Argent_Character_BP'” 0 0 0 120
spawns a level 120 argy.
cheat SpawnDino “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Argentavis/Argent_Character_BP.Argent_Character_BP'” 500 0 0 120
spawns a level 120 argy 500 feet away in the direction you’re facing.

Be careful when spawning dangerous dinos near a player’s base. It’s best to find an open area away from the player and his/her base.
Be careful when spawn flyers as they fly away faster than you can chase them. It is the same with other dinosaurs.
In those cases, type cheat forcetame and hit enter. Then you summon the new dinosaur.
That way you can quickly bring up the tab console and use the cursor up key to reselect the previously typed forcetame command and hit enter.
If it’s a flying dinosaur and you have an enclosed location to spawn it, that is even better.

A newer command to summon tamed dinos is:
admincheat GMSummon <“Entity ID”> <Creature Level>
Entity ID is the classname (with _C at the end)
Vanilla dino classes found here

Spawning items
To spawn items you use one of two methods:
cheat giveitemnum ItemID# Quantity Quality Blueprint

Get Item IDs online. Here is one good page:
For example: cheat giveitemnum 120 100 0 0 gives 100 of item 120(Mejoberries)
Quality is what level of quality: ramshackle, apprentice, journeyman, mastercraft, ascendant. This works for armor and weapons.
Quality isn’t a precise thing. You get slightly different results every time you run the command. Numbers 1 to 10 seem to produce the varying levels of quality randomly. Greater than that usually gives ascendant quality.

Blueprint can be 1 or 0, (true or false respectively). If you want the blueprint and not the actual item, blueprint is true.

Some items don’t have ID numbers so you have to enter the blueprint identity ID using:

cheat giveitem Blueprint-string quantity quality blueprint(true/false)

For example:
cheat giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Shields/PrimalItemArmor_MetalShield.PrimalItemArmor_MetalShield” 1 1 false
gives 1 metal shield with primitive quality


Admins teleport to players to help them out quickly. It’s a good idea to have your own base coordinates recorded so you can TP back to your own base afterwards. Alternatively, place an awesome teleporter at your base so you can resume your gameplay with the least amount of interruption.
You can get your latitude and longitude with the spyglass equipped. The coordinates are in the top left. Cheat tpcoords lat# long# altitude# will take you to those coordinates. You’ll have to guess the altitude else you end up under the earth.

Enter showmyadminmanager in tab console to bring up the admin manager.
On the right side are a list of other commands you can run. Not all of them work well here but the one used the most is teleporttoplayer.
You select the player’s name you want to TP to.
You select the teleporttoplayer actions and click execute. Click Copy PlayerID and then execute.


To search for dinosaurs, and to watch over players, you use spectating mode. When you enter spectator mode it’s basically like dying so it’s best to remove your armor and inventory first.
Enter cheat enablespectator to enter the mode, and cheat disablespectator to disable the mode. When you disable the mode you respawn to one of your chosen beds.

When in spectator mode, the command SetShowAllPlayers true will bring up labels across the map. Use the directional keys to travel and mouse wheel to speed up/slow down.
Ctrl-n brings up a list of connected players. Click on one to TP to them. Use spacebar to detach from them and travel around that area.
There is no easy way of getting your spectating coordinates so unfortunately so you will have to guess where you are on the map, maybe by travelling high up and looking down where you were, then using this tool to get the setplayerpos coordinates and cheat code:

Points and Status (plugin commands)

This should be left to Boomer to fix, but if need to you can help a player by giving them back points if they lost something and you deem it fair to compensate them with points. Bring up the tab console and type Addpoints steamID #of points
EG: admincheat addpoints 76561198084189720 10000 will give the player with that steam64ID 10000 points.
You can get the player’s steam64ID in game using the adminmanager or in battlemetrics if you have the access to it.

If the issue is their status not showing up, you can enter this in tab console:
admincheat permissions.add steamID Ascended
admincheat permissions.add steamID VIP
This will only change the status for the server you are both currently on.

If the issue is a kit they did not receive or cannot redeem for some reason, you can give yourself a kit, redeem it and give the player the items.
To make the kit available to the player so he can redeem it him or herself, type in tab console:
admincheat changekitamount steamID kitname number
admincheat changekitamount 76561198084189720 farming2kit 2
will give 2 farming2kits to the player with that steam ID number.

The kit names are listed on the shop page here.

Updating Ark and Mods using Host Havoc Control Panel.

Once Boomer has set you up as a sub-admin you will be able to log onto host havoc with a limited set of buttons on the control panel.

Click the circled button to being up the custom activity window. Here you will be able to run 3 commands: Broadcast, destroywilddinos and saveworld. Broadcast a restart warning so players know to get ready. Try to give 5 minutes notice at least. Destroywilddinos is good to do when restarting. Saveworld will save the map.

Click rcon client button

Enter your command in box 1. Click execute.
The word “cheat” isn’t needed here, so you can enter one of the following:
Broadcast Server restart in 5 mins

When the progress indicator stops spinning you know the command is done.

Go back to the main menu to get to the server update and/or mod update buttons.

If you’re updating a mod, click on the circled button.

Enter the mod number and click Run. Click ok to verify you know the server will be stopped. A command window opens, showing the progress. When it’s done you can close the command window.

If you’re updating the game itself, you do that from the main menu as well

Click the circled button.
A command window opens. Wait until it is finished before closing it.

The only other thing to do is make sure the servers are in a running state and not stopped afterwards. The coloured buttons in the main menu are self-explanatory and if the server is stopped, click on start. It takes a few minutes before the servers are joinable. The players indicator will be at 0/0 for a bit and when they say 0/35 they are ready to be joined.
Do the servers one after the other. You can have multiple tabs in google chrome opened so you don’t have to wait for the update to end before starting the next. Just don’t close the tab. If you do close the tab, you’ll have to wait 5 or 10 minutes until you think the process will be done and not locked any of the files, so you can run the update again.