Admin Code of Conduct

{Admin Code of Conduct:}

We stand by these guidelines to create an enjoyable game experience:

1.Major updates are to be performed ASAP so players are always able to join without version mismatch errors.
2.Minor updates are to be performed when less players are online, to minimise disturbance to players currently in-game.
3.If updates are going to be performed, Players are always warned in advance whenever possible, and are warned with a highly visible game broadcast. If needed, Players can be given time to complete what they are doing.
4.The server web page will be kept up-to-date with the latest information, as well as fully disclosing all the game.ini and gameusersettings.ini settings.
5.Admins shall encourage feedback from players and use this to inform decisions when making changes to settings.
6.Admins will enforce the no-build policy for the mountaintops, volcano, icebergs and caves, so all players can benefit from the resources they spawn.
7.Players that break server rules and are found to be acting with malice towards other players WILL be banned, and their dinos and bases will be destroyed same day. This is non-negotiable.
8.Admins cannot always be available 24 hours a day, but when they are online, they will help players to resolve game predicaments that can only be resolved using admin powers.
9.Admins will never use their powers to abuse other players. They are there to play the game and help others.
10.Admins reserve the right to kick players if they warned, yet persist in bad-mouthing or trolling the other players in the game.

We will not be using admin commands to spawn in items or resources for players except in the following situations:

1. Spawning structures, items and prizes for tournaments.
2. Admins will not replace items/dinos due to game crashes or rollbacks which are beyond the control of admins. Players on this server must understand they are playing an alpha version of a heavily modded game. Disruptions and setbacks will be kept to a minimum, to the best of the Admins ability.

As admins we do our best to help players and try to create the best possible player experience using these guidelines.

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